I’ve been getting ready to go to Columbus for SPACE in just a few days!

Just got my new business cards to have at the show:

Columbus is also home to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, which is incredible and currently has THIS show up:

Of which I had the honor of attending the opening. I took a ton of pictures which all disappeared when I had some recent phone troubles. So you should just go and see it for yourself! And back up your pictures.

The library has a completely bonkers collection, including Winsor McCay originals:

Columbus is so full of comics. It’s great. Come see me at SPACE!

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Indiana Comic Con & Doctor Mew


I tabled at the Indiana Comic Con this past weekend, sharing a table with David Yoder. It was a lot of fun! I was in a great spot to see lots of costumes, since there was more open space in front of my table than in many other areas, and folks utilized it for photo ops a lot. There were some great group costumes–I loved the set of female Miyazaki characters and some really cute Ninja Turtle families. My favorite was probably a kid and her dad dressed as Fiona and the Ice King from Adventure Time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures, since I was hoarding my phone battery for credit card sales.

I don’t usually do mainstream comic cons (which have basically turned into pop culture cons), so I wanted to do something with more pop appeal than my comics. I made this print of Doctor Who crossed over with famous-on-the-internet cats: Lil Bub as the 10th Doctor and Grumpy Cat as a Dalek.
drmew A bunch of people got really excited about the Doctor Mew print, which was awesome. Even better, more than half of my sales were of my own comics, and it was nice to see people interested in minicomics and individual artists in a setting so different from the small press/indie shows that I’m used to. I got into a great conversation about Lynda Barry and Alison Bechdel with one con-goer! I did really well overall, and had a blast. For a first time con, I’d say it was very successful!

Doctor Mew is available for purchase in my online shop!

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Some recent sketches:

I stayed at a house that had this note about the wifi and had to leave some character sketches on it:

Some sketch book doodles:


Travel watercolor kits are pretty much my favorite.

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Upcoming Shows

I will be tabling at two upcoming comics shows:

First is the artist alley at Indiana Comic Con. I’ve never tabled a mainstream con before, so this should be interesting!

And second, I’ll be at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio. SPACE hits that sweet spot between having a bunch of great cartoonists while being small enough to be a pretty calm atmosphere.

Columbus is also home to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in its new, fantastic location. I’ve got more to say and show about that in a future post, but for now am just mentioning it because Columbus is becoming a comics mecca, and SPACE weekend would be a great time to come check it out.

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Boxcar Posters

I’ve made a bunch of posters for Boxcar Books, including those for their annual holiday party.

Here’s 2012’s:

And the illustration part of this past December’s:

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Here’s some more catch-up from when this blog was in hiatus.

This is my zine rack! I got it from a surplus store, my friend Scout and I spray painted it (it had been a hideous dark tan), and it’s full of a fraction of my minicomics! More have been added since. Maybe they’ll be organized some day.

Here’s a shot from the painting show I had up at The Owlery last March.
painting show

Some lettering in progress:

And I’m Batman. Don’t tell.

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More on FM3

I posted the cover to the third issue of Fire Messenger a while back, but here’s a preview of the first few spreads:





And some progress shots:


You can buy a physical copy of the comic here:

or a PDF here:

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