Daleks, Storms, and Unicorns!

EVIDENCE of the Disco Dalek attack on the intrepid car-toonist road-trippers has been found:

How did we survive? Maybe we impressed it by our perfect score at Truck Stop Bingo. This is what happens when you’re dragging a trailer full of books.

I’ve been learning the lay of the land in Bloomington and enjoying getting to know the place! But I’ve also been verily missing my compatriots in Toon Town, Vermont. That hit especially hard earlier this week, when much of VT was devastated by flooding from Hurricane Irene. My intrepid fellow cartoonists did a brilliant job of saving ALL the books in the Schulz Library, and I wish I could have been there to help.

Read all about it:
The Beat: How to Save a Graphic Novel Library
The Schulz Library Blog: Schulz Library Post-Irene
American Libraries: East Coast Libraries Endure Hurricane Irene

And see pictures on The Center for Cartoon Studies’ Flickr page

All my hats off to the book rescuers and to the fine folks who’ve helped to muck out the historic Firehouse, home of the library, the Main St. Museum (which needs donations to fix the water damage), and many, many memories.

In OTHER NEWS, I’ve been busy with freelance projects since arriving here! This here sinister unicorn is a commissioned piece. Fabric paint on cotton, about 10×12.5″

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2 Responses to Daleks, Storms, and Unicorns!

  1. Kristi Clemens says:

    Pep- the fact that your pic includes Daleks, Ninja Turtles, and Triple Eights makes me miss you like whoa. Hope you are having fun!

  2. Penina says:

    Miss you too, Ivory! These are three really important things. We’re havin’ a blast. :)

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